Play Cat Mario Game Online Here

Click the following button to play Cat Mario game. Remember this is the unblocked version of this game and you will face the extreme difficult level while playing this game. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and test your skills. If you like baking games than you must give a try to Papa’s Bakeria, an awesome game to spend free time.

cat mario 2 Unblocked

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Difference between Super Mario and Cat Mario Games

Super Mario and Cat Mario games are almost having the same game-play but Cat Mario game is far more difficult than Super Mario. Main difference between these two games is the playable character is completely different. In Super Mario you have to play with an Italian Plumber with huge Mustaches named Mario while in this addictive game you will be playing with a cute white cat. Difficulty level of Cat Mario is a lot more difficult than Super Mario because there are a lot of booby traps which will kill you for no reason. I suggest you to stay away from everything and don’t go for collecting the coin or anything else. If you want to stay alive in this game than take my two words advice, “Keep Running”.

If you think you are a hardcore gamer than you must test your skills by playing Cat Mario absolutely free here on Official Website. Cat Mario is a 2d action-adventure freeware single player video game which was initially release in 2007 and originally available for Microsoft Windows & all major Web browsers. Cat Mario known to be the most frustrating game ever on the internet. This game is originally developed by Chiku, who developed it for his college exhibition. Cat Mario was originally known as Syobon Action and is same like as Super Mario 63 but here in Cat Mario, your character will be a cat and there are a lot more booby traps in this game than super Mario. Cat Mario game is almost very similar to famous Unfair Mario which is known to be the toughest game ever in Super Mario Series.

Since the beginning in 1981, when Mario was first introduced to the public in the legendary Donkey Kong game as a side character, Mario’s star has risen and he has become the main character in countless Arcade Flash games and console games of all types, ranging from Platform Arcade games to full scale role playing games, racing games and many more popular video games. Still there are new games coming out starring our favorite Super star with the now famous mustache and cap. Mario is still considered to be the most popular character among-st children from around the globe. Mario may be the famous character but here The Cat Mario rules. The games created around this cat is the best known as the most frustrating video games in the history of gaming and his star still continues to rise as new Cat Mario games are expected to be launched soon on consoles etc.